The flower and the sun

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The flower is in the grass. She takes her energy from the sun and from the water of the rain.

It is a long wet spring. The flower has enough water and the sun begins to come.

He says to the flower : “I’m here to protect you from the big wind and the hardness of the heavy rain.”

“Thank you”, says the flower to the sun. “Now help me to grow a little to feed the bee.”

The sun then begins to be very warm, so warm that the flower begins to fall down.

“What happens to you ?” says the sun.

“You are too warm for me. Now I must die” says the flower.

The bee comes and sees the flower. She cannot go into the flower to make the honey and comes back home.

The sun understands the situation and asks to the wind to be a little bit cooler then the sun becomes less warm.

The flower lives her life peacefully with the sun and the wind all the summer and when the winter comes with the snow the flower dies.

But before dying, she puts a little bit of her in the ground to live again when the sun will come back.

When you walk on the grass don’t destroy or cut the flowers.

They must live a thousand years.


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